Smooth Noise

SN-101 Smooth Noise Oscillator

View of the Smooth Noise Oscillator

Basic Operation

The SN-101 is an oscillator producing a random but smooth noise waveform. The waveform has a basic frequency which can be adjusted using the FREQ. knob and/or CV. The noise algorithm produces output frequencies associated with this basic frequency.

The EVOL. knob and/or CV controls the rate of evolution of the waveform. When EVOL is 0, the waveform is stable and cyclic. Increasing the EVOL parameter increases the rate at which the waveform is randomly mutated.

The LEN. parameter controls the length of the waveform cycle, it can be adjusted from 2 up to 16 steps.

Finally additional harmonic layers can be added to the output, by engaging signals at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 times the basic frequency.