Digital Suite

AG-104, AG-106, AG-202 AND Gates

BB-120 Sample and Hold

DO-105, DO-110, DO-115, DO-120 Digital Operators

FF-110, FF-120, FF-206, FF-212 Flip-Flops

LA-108 8-Channel Logic Analyser

LD-103, LD-106 Line Drivers

NG-106, NG-112, NG-202 NOT Gates

OA-103, OA-105 Op-Amps

OG-104, OG-106, OG-202 OR Gates

PG-104, PG-112 Pulse Generators

XG-104, XG-106, XG-202 XOR Gates

View of the DS Suite Menu

Basic Operation

The Digital Suite is a set of modules designed to handle digital logic. It includes line drivers, logic gates and a logic analyser.

Voltage Range

The voltage range of the digital gates can be configured from the context menu. The device will output at the full range of the configured settings. The inputs will measure a logical high signal anywhere above the midpoint of the configured range.


Digital ports have been fitted with blue sockets to indicate that they are expecting digital signals. All such ports will comfortably accept analog audio or control voltages.


The AG-202, OG-202, NG-206 and XG-202 devices are polyphonic and will carry out up to 16 bitwise operations in parallel.